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II. Khoj Kasheer 2007 (2010)

The Khoj International workshop “KHOJ KASHEER“ has been held in Srinagar, Kashmir at the “Gulshan”-villa (Aga Manzil) in Lalmandi between October 29 to November 12, 2007.
The event has been organized by the “KHOJ International Artists Association New Delhi“ in cooperation with locals, “KASHYAPS“, a Kashmiri artists association, and teachers and students from the “Institute of Music and Fine Arts Srinagar“

Since a decade or more, due to the violent conflict in India’s Kashmir, which began in the 1980ies, Kashmir has been a kind of ex territorial area for any greater exhibition or event related to any kind of arts beyond the local occasions. The KHOJ KASHEER workshop and exhibition has become the first event of it’s kind in Kashmir since, trying to bring contemporary modern arts and artists from India and abroad together to make up an unique space of creativity and to bring arts and artists into this agonized and desperate situation of the people in this region.

participating Artists

Hannah Matthews (Great Britain)
Fiel dos Santos Rafael (Mozambique)
Herbert Grammatikopoulos (Austria/Greece)
Tooraj Khamenehzadeh (Iran)
Sujan Chitrakar (Kathmandu Art Univesity, Nepal)
Ram Bali Chauhan (New Delhi/West Benghal, India)
Gargi Raina (Baroda, India)
Shambhavi Singh (New Delhi/Patna, India)
Nikhil Chopra (Mumbai, India)
Sonal Jain (Assam, India)
Wasim Wani (University of Aligarh/UP, India)
Ravinder Jamwal (Jammu, India)
Showkat Kathjoo (Srinagar, Kashmir, India)
Shafi Chaman (Srinagar, Kashmir, India)
Arjinder Kumar (Jammu, India)

and with the support of:

Ranjit Hoskote: Winter Thoughts about Spring
Attiya Thakur (Student Srinagar Fine Arts College)
Aftab Ahmard (Teacher Srinagar Fine Arts College)
Ramiez Jamshid (Student Srinagar Fine Arts College)
Malik Jasad (Srinagar, Kashmir)
Baneta Bhau (Student, Jammu, India)

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