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This book is a draft of a bigger edition (still in progress), very clear in layout without any embellishments, categorized in three chapters (more, like the last page of this book, ‚Transition‘, which describes the present modern Tibet, can be found in the final edition):

Landscape images (on black background) showing the beauty and at the same time the hardness of living ‚in a dessert on top of the world‘.
The second chapter ‚Rites & Rituals‚ (red background) pictures the ‚Saga Dawa‘-festival, one of the most important ones for Tibetan Buddhists, the ‚violent debating‘ monks of Sera and some day-to-day religious actions.
The third section (blue background) depicts exceptional details of Tibetan architecture, beside the ordinary mainly the divine one.

This book is based on my exhibition at ‚Art Heritage Gallery‘, New Delhi, India in February/March 2009, where 58 of the 264 photographs of this book had been displayed first.
I want to thank the curator, Mr. Ebrahim Alkazi and his excellent team for their capability and great support.

click ‚book preview‘ or use this link: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/953498

to see the complete preview of the first 200 pages, Format: Large landscape (13×11″ 33x28cm)