Exhibition Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Germany 2014


Exhibited photographs from Nepal

The Bhairab Dance Triptychon

Bhaktapur is also known as the ‘capital of cultural dances and cultural music’. Among many traditional cultural dances of Bhaktapur, mask dances are one of the most popular. And among these masked dances the ‘Bhairav Pyakhan’ or ‘Bhairav Dance’ is the most popular one.
Almost all of the traditional dances follow some kind of legend and traditional beliefs and same with the “Bhairava Pyakhan” or “Bhairava Dance”. The legend behind the “Bhairav Dance” goes as follows. Hundreds of years back, the evil forces and beings, ‘Bhoot’, ‘Pisach’ and ‘Rakshasa’, started to dominate the world. The evil beings, ‘Daityas’ started destroying humans and the natural balance was threatened. Then the god “Bhairava” came down to Earth with other divine bodies to destroy those evil beings for restoring peace and to maintain the natural balance.

Nepal, Bhairav Dance 1

Nepal, Bhairav Dance 2

Nepal, Bhairav Dance 3

Scenes of Nepal

Nepal, Manang: A girl bringing water back home into the village of Thunchowk

Nepal, Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery, Dallu/Pharping: Monks during the auguration of the monastery

Nepal, Janakpur: Pilgrims and widows in the Janaki-temple

Nepal, Thimi: Streetscene in the town centre

Nepal, Bhaktapur: Old women remembering better times?

Nepal, Bhaktapur, Taumadhi Square: The Bisket Jatra chariot, used for the celebrations of the Newari new year

Nepal, Kathmandu, Durbar Square: Saddhus vor dem Shiva-Parvati-Tempel am Durbar Square

Nepal, Patan, Durbar Square: Early wintermorning in front Krishna Temple

Nepal, Pharping: Prozession der Frauen und Mädchen an Krishnas Geburtstag, laut Berichten, um einen netten Mann zu bekommen

Nepal, Pharping, Lake Jatra: Ein Zeremonienmeister versetzt die Tänzer, die Götter (Brahma, Vishnu und?) darstellen, mit Rauch von Essenzen und Massagen in Trance. Im Bild schwarzee Maske soll wohl „Bhairab“ sein (Putting a dancer in to trance)

Nepal, Kathmandu, Durban Square: A Sadhu in front of a Internet Cafe watching Gai Jatra festival, while youngsters making jokes and a tourist in a tea shop is reading her travel guide

Nepal, Bhaktapur: Running for shelter during a heavy monsoom rain (print on canvas)

Nepal, Bhaktapur, Durbar Square: Soldiers training at the Pashupatinath temple, without any anouncement, just between all the visitors, so as it is absolutely normal (print LR brighter version)