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On this webpage you find samples of my visual artist work:
documentations of my exhibitions, workshops and installations,
a selection of fine art photographs,
experimental and digitally manipulated works.

I like to share with you some unique moments in my life
I’ve seen through the lens of my camera
in a precise moment,
my experience and appreciation for cultures and people.
The photographs are the result of my very personal view on
contemporary life in Asia (Nepal, Tibet, India, Laos) as well as Europe,
which – of course – is reducing the world around just to a part of a second,
keeping a certain passed away moment alive into the future as a document.
I like to focus your sins much more on the details,
you can see in my photographs
which may have not seen in this way or expected before
(‚cause of the imagesize in the medium web sometimes not so easy to recognize).

I display not only the usual beauty of landscapes, cities and villages,
architecture, Temples, festivals and the like.
Beside this, I like to show ancient, partially forgotten crafts and skills,
cultural phenomenons, such as religious rites, rituals and objects.
Pictures of streetscenes and activities in (sometimes magical strike)
cities or small villages,
some covered in a romantic-ethnocentric style,
shall explain as well the hardness of daily life.
As a photograph they appear as an aesthete view on poorness,
some covered with bright colours,
which just make them more idealistic or ideal as the reality is.

Please, enjoy and let your phantasy flow

Herbert Grammatikopoulos