Take a tour through the exhibited Photographs:
Entrance/Opener: The Bhairab Dancer Triptychon
I. Landscapes
Topi-Heads (glimp of a traditional hat-shop)
II. Religion & Rituals
II.1 Religion & Rituals
II.2 Religion & Rituals
II.3 Religion & Rituals
II.4 Religion & Rituals
II.5 Religion & Rituals
III. Streetscenes
III.1 Streetscenes: Markets
III.2 Streetscenes: Ladies
III.3 Streetscenes: Women at Work
IV. Civil War
V. Architecture & Heritage – Doors, Ancient Locks (Bothe Talsa) & Windows
V.1 Heritage 1 Palpa Triptychon
V.2 Heritage 2 Windows
V.3 Heritage 3 Bothe Talsa
V.4. Heritage 4 Doors