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The Heritage Series by Herbert Grammatikopoulos

The „Bells“ exhibition is the 4th part of my Nepalese heritage series
(1st at Siddhartha Gallery 2005: „Locks“,
2nd at Dhokaima, NAFA and British Council about doors, part of the „Khulla Dhoka“-project,
3rd about Swayambhou at Cafe Mitra, 2006;
No. 5 will be also at Gallery 32 about traditional music, probably in September 2007).

My central idea of the heritage series is, in opposition to the actual fashion
of more and more diversification between the people,
the search for unique human symbols and objects of certain societies,
countries, ethnic, religious or political groups.
I set these into a new context with mixed medias to discover what we have in common.
My focus is on what is unifying us on this planet, not so much, what is dividing us.
I present a specific tradition as a unique part of a global culture. To strengthen this,
I mix different medias with other artists of similar intentions.

Heritage is much more than only objects or symbols –
it’s about identity, dignity, identification with one’s own culture, society, traditions and many more.
Even if one individually don’t like to follow certain traditions,
a heritage object or symbol will always remind you of your roots.

What are common objects and symbols, not only ritual ones or of religious perposses,
of people in one region, country, continent, religion, language or whatever all over the world?
Which brings people of all kind together?
Which belonging to „everybody“, not only to a specific group?

Bells for example can be found in every religion, in every society around the world (where there is metal work).
Metal work for the sound of a bell is a absolutely high – not only handicraft – skill.
Hardly you will find someone, who don’t like the sound of a bell.
This sound of a bell is a symbolic message in a common world-language,
like music, to speak to to others or to spiritual or ‚higher levels‘, for example: gods.

Locations of the exhibited photographs:
Nepal, Districts of Palpa and Lower Mustang,
the Kathmandu Valley and the City of Janakpur

Herbert Grammatikopoulos
Nepal, 2007